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modified: 21 Jan 2016

Click me to see what the latest news is.Home Page for Outfitters in Police and Security Gear and Accessories

StationHouse Leathers and Gear is pleased to offer you this on-line catalog of police and security restraints,  gear and related uniform accessories.  We carry only high quality products from manufacturers such as JayPee, Rothco, Liberty Uniforms, Smith&Wesson, Valor, and ZAK Tool. Because of our low overhead, we can offer highly competitive pricing to accompany our great service and advice.

We welcome department orders and will accept purchase orders from state, municipal or licensed organizations. Please contact us in advance if possible. sales@stationhouse.com


Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

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NOTE: We do not have a printed catalog or price listing.  If you need or want order forms or a specific copy of a page or two, please let us know.

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The catalog is organized into primary categories which can be reached from
the Main Catalog Page:

Police and Security Equipment

handcuffs, leg irons,
belly chains and transport harness,
, cuff holders, batons;
tactical knives

solid bar handcuffs and leg cuffs

Badges and Patches

Budget badges; sew-on embroidered patches;
Odds `n Ends thumb cuffs, Iron Claw and lock boxes for handcuffs

JayPee Accessories

cuff holders, belts, key keepers, baton holders; shoulder straps and break-away clips;

Smith Warren Badges

external link to custom badges for police, security and firefighter personnel;.

Previews of Uniforms Etc.

external links to custom uniforms shirts, BDUs, web duty gear and other products from Uniforms Etc.

Special Hardware

some special hardware from our Hazardville Hardware catalog;

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