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Spare and Specialty Keys

Additional keys from JayPee and ZAK Tool.  Avoid using cheap imports that could jam or not fit.  Quality lasts and pays for itself many times over.

Note: Reduced shipping charges on 1 to 3 keys

|Zak Tool|

jp_logo.jpg (3985 bytes) A set of unique keys from JayPee for duty use or as key rings.

Standard Features of JayPee Keys:

bulletquality forging for long service life and jam free action;
bulletwill work with any American Handcuff, Fury, Valor or Smith&Wesson handcuff we sell;
(note: using any key not made by American Handcuff on an American Handcuff product can void the manufacturers warranty)
click on any illustration to see a larger image;
JP Flat Oversized Key (JP-LK)LK Oversized handcuff key in medium gloss black finish; textured surface great with gloves or oily hands.

BUY JP-LK @$6.49

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JP SCK Model KeySCK Unique handcuff key with swivel ring for other keys or key ring; glossy black and chrome finish; textured surface great with gloves or oily hands.

BUY JP-SCK @ $8.95 

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JP Baton Handcuff Key (JP-PRK)PRK "P-24 Baton" handcuff key in black with a split ring; has that different look.

BUY JP-PRK @ $6.49

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JP Pocket Pen Key (JP-PEN)PEN Pen shaped key; heavily knurled barrel and pocket clip to keep it handy and loss free.


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ZAK Tool Designed to fit the majority of standard key handcuffs (Smith-Wesson, Peerless, American Handcuff, Hyatt, JayPee, Fury, etc.), made here in the U.S.A. Most come with stainless steel tips for long duty life.  
Click on image to see the full selection and prices.

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