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modified: 02 June 2005

Miscellaneous Hardware

A collection of a few items which are useful to have around, part of what you can find at [Hazardville Hardware] an affiliated online catalog.

|snaps links| |web straps| |trigger locks| |EMT scissors| |whistle chain|

Heavy Duty Snap, Clips and Links

save 25% when buying  2 or more pairs or singles of any style link or double ended snap

panic_snaps.jpg A classic. Double ended trigger snaps in cast zinc with a bright finish, hundreds of uses.  3" and 4" sizes DE-3 $1.50 /ea.

DE-4 $2.00 /ea.

Double ended snaps in malleable iron with zinc finish; 3" and 5" sizes;



$2.00 ea.

DE-M5 $3.50 ea

4 3/4" SS-4 $4.50 ea.

3 3/4" SS-3 $4.00 /pr.

Quik_n_Snap_small.jpg (3362 bytes)Spring Snap Links are made from extruded steel wire with a zinc finish; one segment with a return spring can be pushed in to insert chain, rope or ring; sized by length (wire diameter).

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Whistle Chain

ring_chain.jpg (13230 bytes)12" long chain with two "lobster" type trigger snaps at either end.

BUY WC-01 @ $4.95

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include base

Web Straps

nylon and polypropylene straps include

modified: 03.12.2006

We have three types of web straps that you can use in all sorts of situations, for securing luggage or for camping.  All three types have quick release type of buckles.  Being made of nylon or polypropylene, the straps are washable.

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Model US-1144 is a highly useful,  " width  nylon web strapping that comes in 4', 6' or 8' lengths. Strap is " wide with quick release, fiber filled, nylon buckle. wpe34765.gif (10105 bytes). Machine wash warm; hang dry.

Sold as packages of two straps; save 10% on two or more packages of same size.
 Price will be adjusted at shipping.
BUY  package of two US-1144
SIZE: 4ft $ 2.50  6ft $3.25  8ft  $4.00

Trigger Locks

Trigger Locks Include File

Trigger Locks

Oval shaped trigger lock with rubber inserts to protect the finish on your handgun or rifle while you protect your family and loved ones; key will open the lock from either side.

BUY LCK-GUN @ $9.95 

EMT Scissors

Emergency Shears

Emergency Shears

Quality import emergency shears (EMT scissors) that will cut through rope, leather, and thin, light metals.

Buy EMT-SHEAR  @ $5.95

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