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Wood and Plastic Batons

We can offer three types of batons and night sticks:
bulletimported economy models made of wood
bulletimported plastic models
bulletmade in the U.S.A. models in ABS, aluminum and plastic
bulletprofessional grade models of polycarbonate
bulletMonadnock batons made of polycarbonate
bulletMonadnock expandable batons of metal construction

You will find baton stops at the bottom of the page.

|economy wood||plastic||pro grade||Monadnock|

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Economy Wood Batons

The economy batons and night sticks are imported from the far east. Of hardwood construction with painted enamel finishes.

  1. Short Nightstick (see 12" plastic Day Stick )
  2. Military type T-Baton
     24" long with with scribed handle and grenade style side handle.  (see also PR24)
  3. Military (LAPD) style Baton 
    26" long, extra thick baton with scribed handle area. includes lanyard. heavy hardwood; (see plastic LAPD style)

Buy nightstick or baton
Military Baton $11.95 T-Handle Baton $14.95

(note: due to size price includes a shipping surcharge)

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Economy Plastic Batons 

baton_12p.jpg (9639 bytes)Day Stick JAYPEE
12" long with lanyard holder; full sized textured grip.

Buy M-DAY @ $14.95

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One Piece Nylon Batons Rothco
Straight baton or T-baton, 24" length, lightweight nylon fiberglass construction;
1" diameter, rubberized handle; straight baton includes a baton stop.

Buy Nylon Baton
$18.95  T-Baton $19.95
(note: due to size and wgt., price includes a shipping surcharge)

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06 Oct 2007

Plastic Nightsticks from HWC

Single piece plastic nightstick made in the U.S.A.; has a lifetime replacement guarantee under normal use.

bullethigh density plastic, will not bend or warp;
bullet1" diameter;
bulletgrooved palm grip and leather thong;
bullettwo stock lengths: 22" or 24"; other lengths from 16 to 36 inches available on special order; contact us with your needs;
bullet comes in plain style or with permanent grommet (see right)

BUY Palm Grip Baton from $14.95
(save up to 10% on 3 or more)

Choose length style:
Grommet Style:
Plain Nightstick with Built-in Grommet add $2.00


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Two-Piece Plastic Defender Batons from HWC

Two piece, PR-24 style 24" baton made from high grade plastic material; made in the U.S.A.

bulletLifetime replacement guarantee for breakage or warping under normal use;
bullet1" diameter with grooved palm grip;
bulletstandard 24" length or 18" length for concealment;
bulletavailable in three styles: 
standard handle, permanent knob (A),  or swivel handle (B)

BUY Defender Baton starting @ $23.95
(save 10% on 3 or more of same style)

Choose length:

Choose handle style:

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 Professional Grade Batons

We carry ABS or aluminum batons from HWC.

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Monadnock Lifetime Batons

Check out our selection of fixed and expandable batons from Monadnock.

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Baton Stops and Holders

Baton stops are used to prevent straight style baton from falling through a ring style baton holder (see picture at right; click on the picture for our selection). 
(Note: the T-handle batons do not need a stop) 


  1. LAPD tapered grommet
  2. Rubber grommet

baton_stops.jpg (27518 bytes)

Buy baton stop

B LAPD $9.95
C plain $3.95

note: style A no longer available

See our complete line of baton and night stick holders.

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|economy wood||plastic||pro grade||Monadnock|

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