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Previews of uniforms, gear and accessories from Uniforms Etc.
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Police and Security Shirts

We have a special two-tone Clifton uniform shirts in 100% polyester; features sewn creases, eyelets, banjo sleeves and more; now with two bonus shoulder patches. [more info at Uniforms Etc.]

If you rather spend less, we also have an economy uniform shirt priced at $32.95

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Police and Security Pants

Made in America for use by police and security personnel; unfinished lengths in waist sizes 32in. to 44in. black and navy blue finishes. priced at $36.95

Finish the pants off with a leather garrison belt from JayPee or a Sam Brown combination.
[see uniform pants and uniform belts at Uniforms Etc.]

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EMT / SWAT Shirts and Pants

emt_pants_black.jpg (15930 bytes)Multi-pocket EMT style pants and SWAT (Tactical) shirts in black and blue (also khaki SWAT shirts).
[more information can be found at our Uniforms Etc. web site]

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Military Field (BDU) Shirts and Pants

woodland_bdu.jpg (34308 bytes)The same type of field wear (fatigues) worn by GIs and Marines in woodland camo and other colors. [look at BDUs]

Also in black SWAT cloth as used by Federal agencies.  [look at SWAT BDUs]

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Complete your BDUs with a
web belt, BDU belt or pistol belt.


You can't go outdoors without some type of cover. Besides our official police uniform hats, we have standard issue fatigue caps, Police logo caps, and street caps. (left to right)

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