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cart-big.gif (2142 bytes)Military Uniform Belts and Accessories

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BDU Belts| |Duty Belts

Web Belts

web_belts.jpg (23482 bytes)Reversible web belts with buckle.  
Lower Prices!

These all cotton web belts fit all BDUs, BDU Shorts, EMT Shorts; can also be worn with jeans and other casual pants; cut tolength (usually 2-3" longer) to fit after washing for 1st time.

bulletsizes available are 44" and 54" all colors; 
64" Black, OD/Camo, City Camo/White
bulletchoice of black solid buckle (as in illustration) or black open style buckle
compare] or with nickel (navy only) or brass (black or khaki only) buckles
Length Price
44" $2.99
54" $3.79
<NEW> 64" $4.49

colors available are:
E black
B camo/olive drab (reversible)
F olive drab/olive drab
A city camo/white reversible

C navy

NEW  Navy Blue with Nickel finish closed buckle and tip (not shown)
NEW  Black or khaki with closed brass buckles and tips (not shown).

Buy WEB Belt(s)

Select Color: blackcamo/OD Olive Drab city camo/white
khaki navy blue navy blue (nickel finish)
Pick a Size:
44 in $2.99 54 in ($3.79
64 in ($4.49)  (black, city, OD only)

Choose Buckle Style:
closed black
open black 
closed nickel (navy only)  
closed brass (black or khaki) 
open brass (black or khaki) 

[TOP] Nylon pistol belts

13 Jul 2006

Genuine issues G.I. and USMC Nylon pistol belts;

bullethold holsters, canteens, cartridge cases and more.
bulletmade in the U.S.A.
bulletG.I. belts have quick release buckle
bulletUSMC belts have easy open plastic buckles;
bulletcome with G.I. Alice Keeper clip/belt slides;
bulletin black and Olive Drab;  (See imported Khaki version below)
bulletavailable sizes Med (up to 44") or Lrg (up to 48");
need a larger size? check out the belt extenders below;

Buy USMC-PB  @$19.95
($21.50 size large)

SIze:   Color:

Buy GI-PB @ $17.95
($21.50 size large)

SIze:   Color:

Imported G.I. and USMC Style Nylon Pistol Belts

A quality imported version of the USMC pistol belt above. Available in black, OD and Khaki <new color>.

BUY Buy imported USMC pistol belt @$6.95
($8.49 size Large)


BUY Buy import GI pistol belt @$6.95
($8.49 size Large)


[TOP] Pistol Belt Extenders

Belt extenders are used to add about 4" to the length of a pistol belt attaching to both sides of the belt buckle;
order the correct stylel (G.I. or USMC) to match the above belts,
GI Belt Ext-OD or BLK $2.95
USMC Belt Ext-OD or BLK $3.95

belt_extnd_usmc.jpg (15879 bytes)click image for illustration;

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Buy PB-XTNDR  @ $2.95

SIze:   Color:

[TOP] BDU Belts

BDU Belts are an alternative solution to where to put duty gear.  Single piece of 2" wide nylon with simple slide lock belt buckle; fits up to 44" waist. Will fit through belt loops on BDU pants. IMPORTED
Available in Olive Drab , black,
Desert Tan and Woodland Camo
54" lengths for
Olive Drab

 BUY BDU Belts @ $4.95 (54" is $5.95)
SAVE $1.95
when buying with any pair of BDU pants

Select Color:
Select Size:

Web Duty Belts

kodiak_duty_belt.jpg (17588 bytes)Cordura nylon or polypropylene web duty belts are an alternative to leather duty gear belts.

We carry Uncle Mike's and Kodiak. Click on image to go there.

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