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Modified: 02 Jun 2005

JayPee Uniform Accessories On-Line Catalog

new.gif (12646 bytes)LOWER PRICES! and More Gear!
JayPee® is one of the most recognizable names in the police and uniform accessory field. From handcuff keys to holders, duty belts to key keepers, you can trust the quality of JayPee products supplied by Uniforms Etc. at StationHouse Leathers and Gear.

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Special Construction Features:

bulletquality products made in the U.S.A.;
bulletreal leather construction;
bulletall hardware nickel plated for corrosion resistance and long lasting professional appearance;
bulletheavy duty snaps and buckles to ensure a long useful service life;
bulletmost items are available in plain, embossed basketweave or clarino (patent leather look) finishes.

ALL JayPee leather items come in black finish Dark brown finish (see lower belt in illustration at right) is available on a special order basis at approximately 25% higher price.
Contact us for a price quote.

click on any image to go to the specific detail catalog page.

JP_flatkey_small.jpg (1723 bytes)Keys

Three special design keys to replace the ones that came with your standard issue cuffs.

Cuff Holders

JP_cuff_strap_small.jpg (2361 bytes)Four styles of cuff holders to keep your handcuffs safe from dirt or loss.  Most available in plain, basketweave and clarino finishes.
Prices for a basic cuff strap start at just $8.98.

sam_browne.jpg (43972 bytes)Sam Browne Belts

Perhaps the most recognizable gun and uniform belt in the world. We carry models with built-in D-rings for left handed or right handed use, and a model without built-in D-Rings for use as a duty belt.

Sam Browne Jr. Belts

We also have a special combination of Garrison belt and shoulder strap.  Greater utitlity since it will fit jeans, uniform trousers and BDU pants.

ranger_belt_small.jpg (1303 bytes)Duty Belts

Duty belts in unlined and lined versions plus ranger belts in sizes from 30 to 54.

key_keeper_small.jpg (3139 bytes)Key Keepers

key_clip_bw.jpg These single snap (left) and double snap key keepers will fit belts up to 2¼" wide and will safely hold almost any collection of keys.  We also have flap style and clip-on styles (right).

belt_badge_holder_small.jpg (2700 bytes)Badge Holders

Now that you have earned that badge, keep it visible on your belt, in your pocket or around your neck.
id_badge_holder_small.jpg (2289 bytes) Need to keep your ID and badge together, take a look at one of JayPee's combination cases.

baton_holder_small.jpg (3057 bytes)Baton Holders

Just the thing to hold your night stick or baton. We carry a basic design shown at left, as well as more specialized designs.  Available in three finishes.


Just the thing to hold your miscellaneous gear or attach that shoulder strap. We carry several styles in nickel and black finishes.

Belt Keeper Loops

Keeps that duty belt where is belongs. Double and 4 snap styles.

Flashlight Holders

Three styles to keep that Mag-Lite® handy

Glove Cases

Keep protection or small items handy with JayPee rubber gloves cases and first aid pouches.

|Keys| |Cuff Holders| |Belts| |Key Holders| |Badge Holders| |Baton Holders| |Sam Browne| |D-Rings| |Keeper Loops| |Glove Cases| |Flashlight Holders|


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