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modified: 03/30/2006

Welcome to Hazardville Hardware and Mercantile

Hazardville Hardware, a branch of StationHouse Leathers and Gear, is a catalog of unique or hard to find hardware items; military type clothing and gear, and collectable action figures from Blue Box Toys. On comparable items we are price competitive with local sources.

Your can use the short product list below to go to pages  with details and pricing. Or, you can use the navigation bar to the left.  Once you have found what you want you can safely order it on-line with SSL encrypted shopping cart.

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Short Product List


bulletdouble ended snaps
bulletquik links
bulletpanic snaps
bulletmetal rings
bulletrubber rings
bulletweb straps
bulletWartenburg wheels
bulletemergency shears

Our Catalog of Knives

[The Softer Side]

bulletShoe polish
bulletG.I. dust goggles
bulletCanvas duffels and shoulder bags
bulletUSA Flag Patches and Decals

[Clothing and Wearables]

bulletBDU Shorts
bulletEMT/EMS Shorts
bulletPolice Shorts
bulletEMT/EMS Pants
bulletFlight Coveralls
bulletBoonie Hats
bulletStreet caps
bulletMilitary web belts
bulletUniform Leather Belts
bulletParachute Cargo Pants
bulletHospital Scrubs

 [Collectable Action Figures]

bullet12" Elite Forces (classics)
bullet12" Elite Forces (new issue)
bullet12" Elite Forces Accessories
bullet1:18 Scale Figures
bullet1:18 Scale Accessories


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