modified: Sunday March 12, 2006

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Using the Cart

Using the Shopping Cart
modified: Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Our shopping cart program is a fully secure feature using either 40bit or 128bit SSL encryption to hide the details of your order from prying eyes.
All information is stored in a password protect folder on a secured server. Only our sales staff can access this information.  The shopping cart should work in recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape and AOL.
Adding items
Order Confirmation
Having ordered . . .

The shopping process consists of adding items to the shopping cart, double checking what is in the cart and making any adjustments, and then providing billing and shipping information. The shopping process can be cancelled at any time up until you press the button.  After that, if you want to cancel an order, you will have to email us with the order number.

The Shopping Process

  1. The first time you add an item a new, unique shopping cart is created.  This cart remains active as long as you are logged on to the site.  It will probably be there should you leave the site and then return.
  2. To add an item, simply select the features you want and then click on the button. When you add an item, you remain on the page that you ordered from.
  3. To see what is in the shopping cart, simply click on the button at the top and bottom of the left hand navigation area.  This will display the contents of the shopping cart [see sample screen].
  4. To change a quantity of an item, click on the quantity box and change the number; then   press the button.
  5. To delete an item press the button.
  6. At this point you can press [Continue Shopping] to return to the page you just left, or
  7. press the button to proceed to the next step.

The Check-out Process

note: required fields are in bold blue

  1. You need to enter billing information appropriate to the credit card you are ordering with (we also take money orders) and your e-mail address.
  2. If you are shipping to the same address as the billing address, check off the box same as billing, otherwise please enter all shipping information.
  3. Enter the payment information
    1. If using a credit card information, double check the number and date (please use 01/2000 format).
    2. If you are using a Money Order to pay for your order, please enter 9999 in card number field and 99/99 in the date field.  Mail the money order to:
           Stationhouse Leathers and Gear
           PO Box 1105 Enfield, CT 06083-1105
      We will pull the products for your order then wait until the MO arrives before shipping.
    3. If you are using PayPal, please use as the email address and copy the order number from the receipt page (see below) and paste it into the Note* box along with your name [see sample screen].
  4. when you have entered all of the information press to enter the order.

The Order Confirmation Page

A word about shipping costs:

The shipping information on the check out page is an estimate; we bill for the correct amount.

We use priority mail for shipping which is fast and inexpensive. The minimum rate is $3.20, The final costs is based on the total amount of the order.
We also insure all orders over $75.00, rates start at $1.95; the cost of insurance, which we add when we bill you, is reflected in the estimated shipping charges.

  1. The top half contains the order you have placed. This information includes shipping and taxes Below that is the button.
  2. The bottom half contains your billing and shipping information.  Please check it for correctness. If you need to change it, use the browser back button to go back and modify the information.
    When you are finished checking the information
    simply click on  to return to the Order Confirmation page.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the information in your order, click on the button. This securely sends your order to our server where it will be retrieved by our sales staff.

Having Ordered Goods

You will receive a confirmation (receipt) page with an order number, save this page, print it out or write down the number.  You will need it if the order gets screwed up. [see sample page].

Clicking on Click Here To Continue will return you to the page you were last on when you viewed the shopping cart.

We will send an email message to you (assuming there is an email address) letting you know when the order shipped or if items are back ordered.  This generally happens within 48 hours.

If you need help with any of this, send an e-mail to our sales department.

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