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modified: 06/02/2005

On-Line Snaps and Links Catalog

This is a directory to our on-line catalog of double ended snaps, chain links and panic snaps. Click on any image or type to go to the appropriate catalog page. You can also use the navigation buttons at left.

Quik_n_Snap_small.jpg (3231 bytes)Spring Chain Links used connect chain or rope; in sizes.

panic_snaps.jpg (86504 bytes)Panic Snaps used in the control of live stock when quick release is important.

double_ended.jpg (42901 bytes)Double Ended trigger snaps in cast zinc with a bright finish in 3" and 4" sizes.

double_ended.jpg (39241 bytes)Malleable Iron double ended snaps with a zinc finish; in 3" and 5" long sizes.

Quik_n_Snap_small.jpg (3231 bytes)Quik Links used connect chain or rope; in several sizes.


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