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modified: Thursday, June 02, 2005

Quality military surplus items in good (Russian, Hungarian and German) to never used (Israeli) condition

We WILL NOT be selling gas masks during the current military crisis and terrorist alert.  They WILL NOT PROTECT you from chemical or biological weapons.  Please do not call, fax or e-mail concerning purchase, especially in quantity.

Israeli Gas Mask.

gas_mask.jpg (9717 bytes)The best value in a quality imported gas mask. Surplus issue to the general population the state of Israel.  Constructed of quality black rubber with lots of adjustments. Light in weight too. Comes with replaceable filter element and a plastic cup that allows for liquid soaked gauze pads to be used instead of the filter unit.

BUY GAS-IS @ $29.95

Replacement filter canisters for Israeli gas masks; sold only in units of two
BUY GAS-I Filters  $14.95 /2  

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Russian Copy of M17A

russian gas mask.jpg (19751 bytes)A Russian copy of the USA M17A gas mask that was issued to the eastern bloc in the days of the cold war. Internal filters units (spares included) and replaceable eye pieces. Comes with a roomy vinyl carry case. Heavy but comfortable to wear and it has a drinking tube.

comes in SML or MED sizes, please specify  4lb shipping wgt.

BUY GAS-M17 @ $32.95   

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Hungarian Gas Mask

This item was used by Hungarian troops. Tight fitting (one size fits all) head piece with two glass eyepieces.

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