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modified: 28 Jun 2008

Clifton All American Squad® Shirts

NOTE: We have stopped selling Clifton Shirts and only have a limited inventory at discount prices.

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all_american.jpg (29719 bytes)The Clifton All American Squad shirt is a premier uniform shirt. It is available in both long sleeve and short sleeve styles. Constructed of a 10oz fabric blend of 65% Dacron Polyester and 35% Rayon, the shirt comes with a six button placket and permanent Crease-It® Silicone treated creases. The shirt can also be ordered with extra cost sewn-in military creases and eyelets for metal buttons.

Only the regular model Navy blue shirt comes with banjo (double fabric) elbows; this model also has a special option package. |see more information below|

While we try to keep the navy blue shirts (with sewn-in creases) on hand, basically the shirts will be ordered for you to your specifications.  Please allow about 3-4 weeks for processing.

The shirts are also available in contrasting trim on the epaulets and pocket flaps; this is a special order item

We now have break-away and clip-on ties for these shirts see more information below

Key Features

bulletform fitting body
bulletextra long side seams and tails
bulletCrease-It® silicone treated creases always stay sharp
bulletshoulder straps (epaulets)
bulletplacket with 6 buttons
bulletcollar has permanent stays
bulletpolyester yoke and collar band
bullet2 button cuffs with button on vent
bulletpatch type badge holder with metal eyelets
bulletpleated pockets with Velcro closure (left pocket has pencil division)
bulletscalloped pocket flaps are fully lined
bulletregular fabric elbows

BUY This item (below)

For a special deluxe, Navy Blue package with sewn-in creases and banjo elbows [click here]

Sizing (for men)

Long sleeve shirts are sized by both neck measurement and sleeve length. Short sleeve shirts are sized by neck measurement.
Sleeve lengths are from 31" to 37"; neck sizes are from 14½" to 19½" (no 19").  Please check the sizing chart for common combinations at this link [Size Charts] .  Contact us for larger neck sizes at information.uniforms.

Sizing (for women)

All American Squad shirts for women are by special order only, please contact us with your needs.

Color Availability

Men's shirts are available in 5 colors, please note the color number following the label.  Shirts are also available with contrasting colors on shoulder epaulets and pocket flaps. The most common combinations are brown accents on tan shirts and navy blue accents on  lt. blue shirts. Two-tone combinations are an extra cost item.
Fr. Blue (6) Lt. Blue (7) Navy Blue (2)
$2.00 extra
White (9) Tan (8)
short sleeve only

Pricing for men's shirts

Long Sleeve regular sizes
 33" to 35" sleeve, 14½" to 16½" neck

$51.95 buy 2 at $48.95 ea.
Long Sleeve larger sizes
36" to 37" sleeve or 17½" to 18" neck
add $5.00 for sleeve or neck
Short Sleeve
regular sizes (Sml to XLrg)
$47.95 buy 2 at $44.95 ea.
Short Sleeve 2XL, 3XL sizes $57.49 buy 2 at $53.59 ea.
sewn-in creases $5.00
contrast epaulets $5.50
contrast epaulets & pocket flaps $7.50
sling badge holder $2.50
name plate patch $2.50


to order All American Squad long sleeve shirts specify
model: reg. or sewn seams
other options


Neck Size:
Sleeve Length:


to order All American Squad short sleeve shirts specify
model: reg. or sewn seams
other options


Size: Color:

Special model

Comes with banjo elbows in addition to standard features; available only in Midnight Navy Blue color.

Long Sleeve regular sizes
 33" to 35" sleeve, 14½" to 16½" neck

$53.95 buy 2 at $49.95 ea.
Long Sleeve larger sizes
36" to 37" sleeve or 17½" to 18" neck
add $5.00 for sleeve or neck
Customize this shirt with sewn-in military creases and a sling-type badge holder for only $4.00 (must buy both) for a total price of $57.95 ea.

to order special All American Squad shirt specify
neck size and sleeve length
special option package


Neck Size:
Sleeve Length:
Option package:

Break Away Ties

A neatly pressed tie makes for a sharp looking officer. The problem is the tie makes a handy grab point in a struggle.
The solution is a break away tie or clip-on tie in 100% polyester. (ties made in the U.S.A.) Clip-on ties available in black, dark navy blue (hard to tell the difference) and brown.  Velcro ties available only in dark navy blue.

A Clip-on tie

18" long and 3" wide

B Break away tie

with Velcro closure; 18" long, 3" wide; adjustable neck size;

TIE-CLIP $5.49



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